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Photography & media

Stanley Kubrick: Eyes wide open

— August 2015

Associated media

A film still from Lolita forms a double page spread in Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and are trademarks of & © by Turner Entertainment Co

Ian Jones looks at the career of Stanley Kubrick, explored in ‘a fascinating collection of 17 essays about the work of this influential film director’

Stanley Kubrick: New Perspectives edited by Tatjana Ljujic, Peter Kramer and Richard Daniels

Stanley Kubrick was born in New York in 1928; he began an interest in photography that evolved into a career after receiving a camera from his father as a birthday present.  His first employment was as an apprentice photographer with Look magazine, a general-interest magazine that was similar to, though not quite as popular as, Life.  A famous and influential...

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