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The poetic Romanticism of Samuel Palmer

— September 2015

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Associated media

Samuel Palmer, The Magic Apple Tree, c.1830, watercolour and gouache with brown ink, 34.9×26cm. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum

Palmer’s works are a painted equivalent to the Romantic poetry of Keats and Wordsworth but there is more to his work than one might think from the paintings made in the short period often considered his best

Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall by William Vaughan

'Mysterious wisdom, won by toil'

This was what the poet W.B. Yeats thought of Samuel Palmer (1805–81) and it probably accords well with our understanding of the artist today. But it was not always so; during his own time he struggled to make a living from his art or to gain recognition beyond a small group of like-minded artists. Two factors significantly shaped...

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