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World’s first digital painting?

— December 2011

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A scene from Nativity by Martha Fiennes and Peter Muggleston

Award winning directors and visual artists Martha Fiennes and Peter Muggleston have launched the World’s first digital painting –  SLOimage Nativity – in London’s Covent Garden. Completely self-generating the mesmerising technological art-work slowly changes, keeping viewers wondering as to what may happen next, who may become part of the narrative, whether it might rain or snow, or even transform into a magical night-time scene.

Situated in the heart of Covent Garden’s traffic-free shopping area, ‘Nativity’ will be at the centre of Covent Garden’s Christmas celebrations. Since opening SLOimage ‘Nativity’ has had 400 visits per hour, showing that London is embracing the festive spirit with this most unusual painting.

Martha Fiennes, creator of ‘Nativity’ commented:

‘Covent Garden provides wonderful free world-class cultural content and I'm delighted that it has chosen the Nativity to be its Christmas installation. It's thrilling to have direct contact with a huge public audience, as Covent Garden enjoys very high footfall over this period. We are honoured to be giving the world premiere of the artwork in this prestigious venue.’

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