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A city at PLOY?

— June 2012

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PLOY Invites entries from the publilc

As part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture, two creative companies - Space Syntax  and Hype!  - have teamed up to organise a novel photo competition with a playful theme.

PLOY: Public Life in the Olympic Year invites members of the public to look at the city with fresh eyes and, in doing so, to discover ways in which people are playfully engaging with places - and with each other.

PLOY uses digital media and social networks to let people celebrate the everyday and the unexpected, and then to communicate about and comment on what they have seen.

Participants are being invited to submit their photos via mobile phones & Instagram to the PLOY website, where they can also rate and judge other entries in a crowd-sourced voting process. This is all in the spirit of London Festival of Architecture’s focus on participation and engaging a wider public with architecture and the city. One of the outcomes will be a substantial ‘bottom-up’ record of public London Life in the Olympic Year 2012.

For more information, please contact Susannah Williams on 020 7400 1320 or e-mail [email protected]

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