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At Home with the Queen

— June 2012

Associated media

Miles Landesman © Museum of London

The Museum of London is marking the Jubilee with ‘At Home with the Queen’. This display features 12 professional photographic portraits of Londoners at home with their treasured souvenirs, alongside photographs taken by Londoners themselves with their cherished mementos featuring an image of the Queen. ‘At Home with the Queen’ runs until 28 October 2012.  

A selection of Royal commemorative objects from the Museum's collections is also on display, including ephemeral trinkets produced for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897, striking official Coronation Day street decorations, evocative Silver Jubilee party paper tableware and current Diamond Jubilee souvenirs.

The 12 Londoners professionally photographed include people of all ages and backgrounds, such as Mak Gilchrist, a model from the iconic Robert Palmer video, ‘Addicted to Love’; Miles Landesman, musician, songwriter and playwright; London ‘gal’ Brenda Wilshere who grew up playing in Second World War bombsites in Leyton; faithful Royalist John Loughery and four year old Isabel who likes going to the park and wants to have long hair like Rapunzel!

Julia Hoffbrand, Museum of London Curator, said:

For centuries Londoners have displayed their affection for their King or Queen through royal memorabilia. The souvenirs in these photographs are as diverse as Londoners themselves, and through them this exhibition explores the bond that many Londoners feel for the Queen today, as well as celebrating her Diamond Jubilee.

Mak Gilchrist, Londoner, fashion model, co-founder of the Edible Bus Stop, community activist, and At Home with the Queen contributor, said:

I loved the idea of Londoners sending photos of their cherished Queen mementos into the Museum. It seemed like a playful and also celebratory way to be part of the Jubilee celebrations. As someone who remembers the 1977 Jubilee well and having grown up near the King's Road, Chelsea, I associate Jubilees with punk! In my mind being a punk is as thoroughly British as the Queen!

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