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Online FID – Drawings for the Future

— June 2012

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Image: Camille Chevrillon, FID Online

FID –  Foire Internationale Du Dessin – exists to promote the art of drawing in the 21st century, by supporting both young artists and young collectors.  Since 2009, year of its first fair, FID has become a unique place where young collectors and amateurs are able to acquire original pieces, selected by a jury of international experts, at prices ranging from €200 to about €600. FID is a key event for emerging talents: multiple aesthetic trends are showed, without any formal or conceptual exclusion.

The FID prize laureates of 2010, 2011 and 2012 will exhibit their works at the Crous gallery (Paris), as a preview of a major international art event, i.e. the exhibition devoted to all FID laureates, 2010 through 2013, at the Cluj Art Museum, co-organized with the Art & Design University of Cluj - Napoca (Romania). 

At FID Online, exhibitors offer their sketches for sale by posting them on the organization’s website. This professional visibility helps to launch their artistic careers. One drawing by each exhibitor will illustrate an issue of the Online FID Newsletter. All submitted drawings are judged by a panel of experts. In 2011, the FID Jury Prize was awarded to Camille Nicolle : she benefited from a dedicated exhibition at Galerie Catherine Putman in Paris. In 2010, the FID Jury Prize was awarded to Kristina Heckova. She showed three dedicated exhibitions in Beijing and Paris (including ‘Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery’ and ‘La Galerie particulière Gallery’). The three winners of the  FID Online  2012 Prize will be offered dedicated exhibitions in galleries specializing in contemporary drawing : Catherine Putman Gallery (Paris, France), LWS Gallery (Paris, France) and Twilight Zone Gallery (Tournai, Belgium).

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