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The Queen's Beasts - heraldry in sculpture

— June 2012

Associated media

HM The Queen 'meeting' some of Tom Hiscocks' sculptures, a recreation of the Queen's Beasts

To commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, artist Tom Hiscocks has created modern versions of the famous Queen's Beasts, the statues that stand in Kew Gardens, representing the heraldic history of the monarchy. The Beasts have been made entirely from recycled metal, including over 3000 drinks cans, and are part of Tom's current work looking at identity and representation (see Tom Hiscocks' website).  

As shown in our picture, the beasts have already 'met' the Queen, who was enchanted by them. Tom's sculptures are accompanied by a new children's book, The Queen’s Beasts by Sophie Bristow, with original illustrations by Sophie Glover.

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