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Refiguring the 50s: Curatorial Tour - last chance to book

— February 2015

Associated media

L. S. Lowry, Portrait of Ann, 1957, The Lowry Collection, Salford, © The Lowry Collection, Salford

Refiguring the 50s: Curatorial Tour, Ben Uri gallery, London

Tuesday 17 February at 11.00a.m.

Dr Judith Walsh, lecturer in the History of Art at the University of Liverpool and Hope University, and exhibition catalogue contributor, conducts a tour of ‘Refiguring the 50s’, based on her recent lecture series of post-war British painters at the University of Liverpool.

Dr Walsh will explore the key themes of ‘Refiguring the 50s’, giving an insight to the artworks on display and the lives of the artists that created them.

What the critics say... 
'This is going to be something of a game-changer'  Galleries Magazine
‘A vivid picture of the era and its social change’ Studio International
'An unmistakeable melancholic beauty' Spitalfields Life 

Visitors to the Ben Uri gallery say....
'A fascinating and poignant exhibition'
‘This will stay with me for the rest of my life’
‘An absolute joy’
'An illuminating visit and exhibition'
'Very evocative paintings. Emotional. Human


Tickets: £10.00
To book call the gallery on 0207 604 3991

Ben Uri
108a Boundary Road
St John's Wood

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