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Architecture & design

A critical 150 years in the evolution of the English garden

— July 2015

Article read level: Undergraduate / student

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Richard Wilson, Kew Gardens: The Pagoda and Bridge, 1762, oil on canvas, 47.6×73cm. Paul Mellon Collection, Yale Center for British Art

The plants, people and natural environment are all part of the story of the development of the English garden, explored in Mark Laird's fascinationg account

A Natural History of English Gardening 1650–1800 by Mark Laird

Numerous books have been published in recent years on English garden history. Many are well researched, providing details of the personalities involved, plans, plants, orders and payments.  But in Mark Laird’s book we learn rather what was going on around these developments: the climate, local weather conditions, wildlife and pests, how well plants grew (or not) – a...

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