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Bridget Riley goes back to the future

— December 2015

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Bridget Riley, Quiver 3, wall painting 380x880cm. © The Artist. Photo: Florian Kleinefenn, Paris. Used by kind permission Karsten Schubert Gallery, London

Bridget Riley has shown work in both England and France this year. For those who could not get to Paris, this lovely catalogue gives a taste of what she showed there

Bridget Riley, essay by Eric de Chassey

Bridget Riley has gone back to the future. In the 1960s her black and white paintings, dubbed ‘Op art’ by the press, seemed futuristic, combining as they did a precision and dynamism that were both appropriate to the ‘space age’. From the late 1960s Riley produced increasingly colourful paintings in which the dynamics became more subtle, producing a gentler sense...

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