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Happy 2015!

— January 2015

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Sue Ward, editor

Happy New Year to all our readers from around the world.

2015 promises to be a good year for all in the art world with some amazing exhibitions that have been planned for wherever you are, and at Cassone we will do our best to cover as many as we can for you.

In this issue we have Jenny Kingsley visiting Penlee House, Gallery and Museum, in Penzance, Cornwall. Here there is a large collection of work by the early and later Newlyn artists. Jenny also visited the Isokon Gallery, which has been established to tell the story of the 1934 modernist apartment building in Hampstead London, created as a progressive experiment in new ways of urban living.

Gilly Turney writes for us on three of the four major photography retrospectives on in London. These are Guy Bourdin at Somerset House, Vogue's Edward Steichen at the Photographer's Gallery, and the 21st-century artist, Vivianne Sassen, whose award-winning campaigns include those for Stella McCartney, Adidas, Miu Miu, and Missoni. This exhibition is also on at the Photographers Gallery on the upper floor.

Exhibitions are varied at the start of New Year. High McGlyn writes on the exhibition Reality at the University of East Anglia,  on until March 15, Alexander Adams went to Leighton House London where Lord Leighton’s fantastical oriental villa in Holland Park Road is the ideal setting for a collection of British Victorian paintings lent from Mexico. This exhibition, ‘Victorian Obsession’, is on until the end of March.

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Sue Ward

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