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Catalyst Endowment Awards

— June 2012

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The Holburne Museum of Art, Bath to get extra £1m funding

Extra money has been made available to a range of arts organizations across England, provided they can match the amounts offered by their own fund raising. Dulwich Picture Gallery, which is not government funded, will get an extra £2 million, provided it can raise that much itself. Other galleries set to benefit are the Serpentine Gallery (£3m), Turner Contemporary (Margate), the Whitechapel Gallery (east London), Holburne Museum of Art (Bath), National Portrait Gallery (all of which get £1m each), Sir John Soane’s Museum (London) (£2m) and the Victoria and Albert Museum (£5m). Strawberry Hill Trust is set to receive £500,000.

The money for these Catalyst Endowment Awards is being provided jointly by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, the Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Cassone wishes all these organizations very good luck in their efforts to raise the necessary matching funds.

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