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Around the galleries

Another side to Picasso

— October 2015

Associated media

Pablo Picasso,  She-Goat Vallauris, 1950 Bronze 117.7 x 143.1 x 71.4 cm. Museum of Modern Art, New York. Mrs Simon Guggenheim Fund,

Picasso’s gifts as a sculptor were not fully recognized until the 1960s but as Stephen Bury shows, they are displayed to great advantage in MoMA’s exhibition

Picasso Sculpture by Ann Temkin and Anne Umland

In their well-judged introduction to the catalogue, curators Temkin and Umland quote the critic, Hilton Kramer, on the 1967 Picasso sculpture exhibition: ‘[it] persuades us for the first time that Picasso [1881–1973] would have to be considered one of the great artists of the century even if he had never painted a single picture’. The 2015 exhibition, occupies the whole...

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