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Cézanne: ‘Comprehending the world as he saw it’

— September 2015

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Paul Cézanne, Peaches and figs, pencil and watercolour, 1885-90, Courtesy Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Cézanne was admired by contemporaries such as Monet and Renoir, and influenced later generations of artists, including Matisse. His watercolours and drawings are just as important as his paintings

Paul Cézanne: Drawings and Waterolours by Christopher Lloyd

During his career as an artist, spanning over 40 years, Cézanne created more than 1,500 drawings and 600 watercolours. They are a significant part of his oeuvre – alongside just under 1000 paintings. Christopher Lloyd’s latest book, Paul Cézanne: Drawings and Watercolours gives insight into his method of working and the character of his art. Its...

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