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French high culture comes to Ontario

— September 2015

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Jean-Leon Gerome – Portrait of an African Woman  c.1880, oil on canvas, 41 x 32.2 cm, s.I.I. J.L. GEROME, Inv.2002.33.26. © Joseph M. Tanenbaum Photography: Courtesy of Roy Timm

A book for everyone interested in French portraiture, Orientalist and Salon painting, says Alexander Adams

Nineteenth-Century Art: Highlights from the Tanenbaum Collection at the Art Gallery of Hamilton by Alison McQueen

In 2002 art collectors Joey and Toby Tanenbaum announced the donation of over 200 works of art by European artists to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario (AGH). The collection, built up over many years by the private collectors, features many of the best French artists of the period, including

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